Employee Testimonials


“My first job at Lee Company was as a parts runner while I was a senior in high school. This career choice has challenged me both personally and professionally. I've had the chance to progress at an extremely fast rate due to the many opportunities available at Lee Company.”

Dean, Senior Training Manager

"I came to Lee Company not knowing much about the business; however, I am so happy I did! Best decision I have ever made for my career and my family!"

Baranda, Director of Facilities Solutions Support

"Throughout my years here I have found that when difficult situations arise, people are willing to jump in and help find solutions, and I think that's the main reason Lee Company has been successful."

Greg, Engineering Manager

"Hard work pays off. I wouldn't be in the position I'm in now had I not worked hard and had people help me."

Jeremy, Home Services Consultant

Proven Time After Time that Lee Company is a Great Place to Work!

It’s not unusual for Lee Company teammates to stay with us for 20, 30, even 45 years! As a Great Place to Work™, Lee Company helps employees find the right path and advance their career. With a variety of jobs –and locations –there’s always room to grow in your career.
Great Place to Work