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You Belong at Lee Company

At Lee Company, an essential part of our mission is to create a workplace where more than 1,500 employees can thrive. Working here is more than a job. It’s an opportunity to realize your dreams and reach your full potential. We provide the resources you need to succeed.

Lee Company University

Most companies offer basic training, whether it's how to drive a forklift or where to file corporate documents. That's a great first step. With Lee Company University, we provide extensive free education, open to all employees.

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You belong at Lee Company

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Have you discovered your path? Are you looking for a chance to learn lifelong success and jump-start your career? Don’t wait to discover your next career opportunity.

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Free Education?

That’s right. Lee Company University is free for all Lee Company employees. Choose a four-year program to earn an accredited journeyman’s license in your chosen trade. Leadership training programs. Computer classes. Whatever you choose, the knowledge (and license!) stay with you, wherever you go.

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Lee Company University

You Worked for It. Your License Is Yours.

The certification you can earn through Lee Company University is a nationally recognized license that is yours for life. Take it wherever you want. Of course, we’d love for you to stay at Lee Company, but even if you don’t, we want to set you up for success.

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Lee Company University

Your Military Service PAYS Off

Lee Company supports our armed forces. After completing military service, veterans participating in the Partnership for Youth Success (PAYS) program are guaranteed a job interview with Lee Company. Given the many veterans we’ve hired, it’s clear that the lessons you learn in the military - including the value of teamwork and dedication - can help you succeed back home.

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Military Service Lee Company

VA Housing Benefit

Thanks to a partnership with the Veterans Administration (VA), veterans selected for Lee Company’s DOL (Department of Labor) apprenticeship program are eligible for the VA basic housing allowance (BHA). If you qualify, you’ll be paid for on - the - job training in a new trade and receive up to four years of BHA. Consider it a well - deserved “thank you” for your service.

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Lee Company, VA Housing Benefits

Grow at Lee Company

It’s not unusual for Lee Company teammates to stay here 20, 30, even 45 years! As a Great Place to Work™, Lee Company helps employees find the right path and advance their career. With a variety of jobs — and locations — there’s always room to move ahead.”

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Grow at Lee Company

Partnership with Local Colleges

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"I came to Lee Company not knowing much about the business; however I am so happy I did! Best decision I have ever made for my career and my family!"


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