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Welcome to the Talent Promoter Program at Lee Company!

Lee Company is always hiring, and we are giving you the opportunity to make extra money by helping us fill positions. This webpage will give you helpful information to be successful as a Talent Promoter (TP). Being a Talent Promoter is not intended to be a replacement for full-time employment. Money is not guaranteed; however, the more people you tell about an opportunity, the higher odds you have of being the one who refers the successful candidate which results in receiving a nice payout. The work is very minimal and if you refer "the one" the payout is a nice bonus! All you have to do is get the word out to as many people as possible.

There is no cost to be a Talent Promoter!  You are encouraged to use free social media accounts, so other than a little time and energy, this won't cost you anything!

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Tips for Success

  1. Post the job opening on as many social media feeds as you can. Accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, YouTube and other platforms can often be created free. The important part is that you have people who follow you on these sites. If all you have is Facebook, no worries! Just post on Facebook and ask all your friends to share the post. Word will get around and if any applicants use your TP identification number, then the credit will be given to you!

  2. Make sure to ALWAYS include your five digit identification number when you post and ask anyone who applies to please use your number on their application. There will be a specific field on the application that they will need to complete that asks for that identification number. If it is left blank, you won't receive credit for the referral.

  3. Be creative in how you present the opportunity, but stay true to the message around requirements needed for the position. Referring unqualified candidates won't get you a successful hire which is required to earn extra cash.

  4. Be sure to respond to any person who comments on your post. Encourage them to apply and to share your post.

  5. Always stay positive about the company and the opportunity and remember to convey in your messaging that you do not represent Lee Company. If negative messaging occurs, you will be removed as a TP.

  6. Review the terminology to understand the position needs. See the Common Terms section below.

  7. Successful candidates must be legally authorized to work in the U.S. and must live within reasonable driving distance of the job site. "Reasonable" is defined by the hiring manager; however, as a guideline up to 50 miles from the job site is the target. Exceptions can be made by hiring managers.

  8. Have questions? Reach out to careers@leecompany.com and use the subject "Talent Promoter Program" and we will respond as soon as possible.
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Tips for Success

Open Opportunities Available for Talent Promoter Program

Portland, TN - Industrial HVAC Technician: Experienced with at least three (3) years in Industrial HVAC. This position is responsible to perform maintenance for our commercial HVAC customers. Utilize our technology and customer service to provide a great experience to our customer. Primarily responsible for performing coil cleaning, filter changes, belt replacement and DST readings on equipment as assigned. Employee must show a willingness to learn. Must have an EPA Universal Certification or obtained within the first year of employment. Successful candidates must be legally authorized to work in the United States and live within a reasonable distance of the job site. Must have a high school diploma or equivalent GED certificate. Successful referral fee = $2,500

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Common Terminology

Home Services - these technicians work on smaller projects found in homes
Facility Services - these technicians often work on larger projects found in commercial locations such as stores, banks, hospitals, government buildings, etc.
FM2 - Facilities Maintenance and Management (FM2) technicians work on industrial projects like manufacturing facilities.

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Link to Application

Use this link in your posts and be sure to remind your contacts to use your five-digit TP Identification Number when prompted.


Submit an application or resume
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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get paid?
If someone applied using your unique 5-digit identification number and they are offered a position, you are eligible; however, the candidate must begin work and you must have returned a completed W-9 form. Once both of those conditions are met, your check will be issued within the next 30 days and mailed to the address you provided when you registered as a Talent Promoter.

What is a W-9 form?
A W-9 form is a legal document the IRS requires in order to track payments to people who are not directly employed by Lee Company. A 1099 form that reports your additional income will be mailed to you by January 31st to be used at tax time. Minimal earnings of $600 for the year must be met in order to receive a 1099.

How do I get paid?
You will be mailed a check to the address you provided when you registered as a Talent Promoter.

What if I refer someone but they don't use my TP number? Can I just let you know?
In order to get credit for a referral, the applicant must enter your unique identification number at the time of submitting his/her application. It is very important you let your social media connections know to use your number. If they forget or skip that question on the application then you will not receive credit for the referral.

What happens if I refer someone and he/she is hired for a different position at Lee Company than the one I promoted? Unless the position is one that has been identified as being part of the Talent Promoter program, then there will not be a payout. If the referred candidate is hired for another position that is part of the Talent Promoter program, you will be paid the amount that has been posted as the referral payout. All positions that are included in this program can be found on this webpage, listed in the section titled, "Open Opportunities Available for Talent Promoter Program". If the position is not listed on this webpage, then it is not included as part of the Talent Promoter program.

Who do I contact if I have a question?
You can contact any of our Talent Acquisition Partners. Their information and how to contact them is located above on this webpage.

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